End of Life Engagements - Personally designed in-home funeral or vigil services using the concepts of  feng shui and wabi sabi - natural flawed beauty to create a truly bespoke experience for both the loved ones and the deceased. 


Living Funeral Ceremonies-  This is an in-depth visualization where we descend into your death- it includes a guided meditation, memorial display and the writing of your last words. Dying before you die is a powerful way to gain deep insight into how you can live out your most fulfilling life. 


A Dying Exchange - Home clearing service using Feng Shui tools and providing a harmonious sale for the dead or dying. 


A Eulogy Hieroglyphic - A writing workshop where we dive into your past and honor your life from the perspective that you are dead. 


Cessation Show & Tell - If you could bring one object with you to your afterlife what would it be?  Bring it with you to this monthly event and we will share the vital significance and energy  it holds for you and your death.