• Pearl

Living Funeral Reflection

Hello Emily,

I woke up today feeling helpless and I created enough presence to turn on your recording. I wanted to share with you my experience. 

My first trigger was losing my name. I never thought I was so attached to it. It really hurt. 

Here are my last words: 

I am grateful for all of it 

the beauty and the pain that makes it so 

my mother is a star 

my father is a rock 

I tried to tell the truth my truth as i saw it from a place of love 

I am most grateful for the love I have found for myself which really lives all around me - it lends itself to the sun 

I've only ever wanted others to know this love ; this safety net that we can go to whenever we need to feel whole 

Love P 

During the death I felt a movement - a wave like over my eyes - I saw purple 

I loved feeling that nothingness- a ray of freedom swung over me. Now I get steady waves... makes total sense. 

Waking up was hard. I wanted to stay there longer. It took me awhile to build up the courage to do this by myself. But I am so blessed to be in this space now; because it isn't a fear now to give this to others... I know it will take time to get it right but when you believe in something so much - the idea of failure or fear is like a joke. There really is no choice. And a part of me wants to cry that it has taken me this long to find that thing.... but I am grateful to be here. 

Thank you for being a huge part of my journey. Xo 


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