We have worked with Pearl over the last two years to design and furnish several spaces in our home. With precision and artistry, she created rooms that are balanced, warm and timeless. She is a master of conveying moods through color, texture, pattern, shape and light. We are forever grateful to Pearl for creating spaces that harmoniously reflect who we are and the way we live.


  • Julie Anderson 

Pearl has become instant family to me and my family. I met her one afternoon and her ability to read people and read me showed me that I had made a life-long friend...and all I was doing was buy sofas ;). Since our transaction, we have visited each other in different states, spent time in one another's homes and been there for each other to bounce life issues around. I would say that Pearl's greatest strength is being an empath. Her faith and her deep seeded desire to put love out into the world is exactly what a family who is going through loss needs. In my own experience of my father dying at home, Pearl's energy would have been gratefully accepted. Pearl is truly a wonderful force in the world.


  • Jennifer Egbert