The experience of ritual has stayed with me.


Pearl's guiding presence facilitated a deeply reflective process. I emerged pensive but refreshed. The following weeks found me more productive and less anxious, feeling unburdened and more free to enjoy the range of experiences and sensations of my aliveness. I remain grateful for the work and the awarenesses it produced.


Duriel E. Harris 

Thank you again so much for facilitating my Living Funeral earlier this week.  It was a very powerful experience and I generally do not like to get that emotional with other people, especially with people I've just met.  You created a very safe space for me to fully participate in the ceremony, dig deep, and get the most out of it.


Natalie Noel

The session went very well. I’ve been going through a lot of heavy transitions in my life dealing with anxiety and depression. undergoing this ceremony really balanced me out and put things into perspective. infinite gratitude to you. I highly recommend it. 


Dem Atlas